Imagine a world where the entirety of human ingenuity and innovation had been unleashed. The great challenges of our time would no longer seem so insurmountable, but rather uncomplicated, even effortless. There would be no limit to what could be accomplished. This is the world BISTalk aspires to create.


Our Purpose: 

BISTalk Radio exists to give voice to courageous visionaries and humanize their journey in order to embolden our listeners to take a mad leap and activate their own vision.

We Want You!

If you're viewing this website it's because we believe you to be a courageous visionary whose journey, if shared, has the potential to embolden others to quit simply dreaming, and take action to make their dreams a reality.

It takes a mad leap, but courage is contageous, and with enough courage we can transform every dreamer into a visionary. Come share your journey and help us make courage contageous! 

Remeber, everyone one of us is a dreamer, it takes courage to be a visionary, and courage is contageous.

If you're feeling courageous please fill out your information below and someone from the BISTalk team will contact you shortly. Our journey begins now!

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