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The Original BIS-Heads

Meet the BIS-Heads     

Bob BISTalk Canvas.jpg

          Bob Ryan


             Host & Chief BIS-Head

Oh hi there! I'm Bob Ryan and I am the host and chief BIS-Head at BISTalk Radio and I love my job! Every weekday I have the privilege of sitting across from the most amazing people in the world and I get to ask them whatever I want. I learn so much, sometimes it makes my head hurt. Your head can hurt too, so listen in live or grab a podcast. I am confident you will love the fact, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked, if you don't love it. Just say "BISTalk refund" three times to your computer. Remember, failure is just practice. 


Howdy! I'm Sandra "Montana" Smit and I'm a cowgirl through and through. I went from being an innovative clothing designer dressing rockstars the likes of Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt,  Brooks & Dunn, John Denver, Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers, Roy Rogers, and Ringo Starr, to co-hosting BISTalk. Every weekday I get to chat with innovative visionaries. 

Montana BISTalk Canvas.jpg

          Montana Smit


Aaron BISTalk Canvas.jpg

          Aaron Cannata


Hey! I'm Aaron Cannata and I co-host and produce BISTalk Radio. I believe in the power of conversation, community, and shared experience to inspire and embolden. Every journey is worth sharing and I love that I get to help others share theirs'. Come join the conversation.



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