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At the ESPN Studios-  BISTalk's hosts, Bob Ryan and Montana Smit interview Phil Gahn, Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, RippleNami


 Our Vision 

We envision a world where business leaders, entrepreneurs and other courageous visionaries can share their own authentic stories with the world, so that listeners feel empowered to work and live as if what they believe is real today.

We see a world that has a thriving community of like-minded, authentic leaders who openly share their stories, that ultimately makes the business and leadership world a more vibrant and humanized place.


Listen Weekdays on the Radio ESPN 1700 am 2 pm - 3 pm PST

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• Stories reinforce our common connection as humans, and remind one another of our shared humanity.

• Sharing stories empowers others and heightens humanity.

• By hearing others share their stories, people feel more empowered to live theirs.

• Listening is an empowered act of humanity.

• When people are courageously vulnerable it invites others to be the same.

• If you believe it, live it.

• If you can envision it, you can achieve it.


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